Pinterest Post #5 – Anniversary Gift(s)

This past week marked four years that I have been dating the boyfriend. Wowzers! Before you even think it, I’ll put the question of the year to rest: NO we’re not getting engaged anytime soon, YES we’re okay with it and MAYBE will it happen soon. For now, we’re extremely happy to have made it four years, through 250 miles of separation and to finally be in the same area code as each other! :)

Since the beginning of our relationship, I’ve been tight on cash (you know, I had that whole poor college kid thing going against me) so I usually made Brad gifts for his birthday, Christmas, etc. For our one year anniversary, I put together a scrapbook of our first year together. For two years after that we would sit down every few months and add to it (we’ve really slacked on that this past year/year and a half). For Christmas I used a Pinterest idea and wrote down “52 Reasons Why I love You” on a deck of cards – each card had a reason why I love him/something I love about him. Even though I have a job and I am no longer the poor college kid, I decided to stay on track of a fun, homemade-influenced gift.

This year’s anniversary I saw an idea to gift a gift every hour throughout the day. I thought that was an adorable idea and kind of reminds you throughout the day that it’s an extra special day. I picked the half of every hour (6:30, 7:30, etc) because it worked best with Brad’s schedule. Every hour I chose something that was important to him, us or was cute in general. I know I kind of struggled with coming up with a small gift for each hour, so I decided to write out what the gifts were to help people with their anniversary gift ideas. I put each gift in an envelope (if it was small enough) or wrapped it and put it all in a grocery bag so it was easy for him to take on the train and back.

Our day went a little like this:

630AM – I wrote him a love letter.

730 – Picture of us

830 – Poptarts – You can customize a box, how cool is that?!

930 – ABC’s of Us – I used printables from this blog. This took me awhile to come up with 26 alphabetized tidbits. For “A” I did anniversary – 4 years, “T” I did Te Amo because we say that all the time, and for “I” I wrote I love you.

1030 – I gave him a pack of gum with a note on there that says “I chews you”. (I’m a sucker for corny)

1130 – I gave Brad a bag of his favorite candy so he could keep it at his desk.

1230PM – A Corner Bakery gift card so he could have lunch on me that day.

130 -iTunes gift card so he could download games or music for his iTouch that I know he uses on lunch.

230 – Tea Time – I ordered his favorite tea.

330 – Water Bottle – I found a water bottle that supposedly keeps your drinks cold for two hours! Perfect for his tea!

430 – Barnes & Noble gift card – I know he likes to read, especially on the train back from the city.

I made him text me after every gift he opened, I was just as excited as he was and couldn’t wait for him to open it. I’m one of those people who truly enjoys figuring out gifts for people and can’t wait to give the gift to them. That’s why I looooove Pinterest! It gives me so many ideas and DIY things for gifts! I hope this helps others who are stumped for gift ideas like I was.

For those who do not know, this is our story part 1, part 2.

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