Pinterest Overwhelms Me

Do not steal! Colie LumbrerasI love Pinterest. I could sit on it all day. On my vacation days I do some (read: 1 or 2) of my pinned DIY projects. Sometimes I use the smart tricks on there. And as you know, I love the recipes I can get from there without cluttering my inbox with foodie blog subscriptions.

But seriously – Pinterest really overwhelms me. I’ve been on for awhile now, I have 30+ boards, I’m 48 pins shy of 5,000 pins and I’m following over 200 people.

While I take pride in my boards and the simple breakdown of them, sometimes I have no idea where the fack to go for something I know I pinned because I have SO MUCH CRAP on there. I usually just end up using the ‘search’ feature in Pinterest to find what I need. Example, last week I wanted to make the flourless banana pancakes that I know have just a banana, peanut butter and one other ingredient but I couldn’t think of it (it’s egg, by the way). I know I pinned it. I checked my gluten free recipe board, my lactose free recipe and “I’m going to make these allergy free” recipe board and nothing! So I just searched it instead…oops.

But not only that, my best friend and I have talked about how Pinterest makes us feel incompetent and stresses us out. I feel like now that I am on Pinterest and I have my own apartment, it has to be super cute, unique and out of the box. I feel like my apartment should look so cute like Radical Possibility‘s adorable place, buuuuut it doesn’t. And part of me is ashamed of that. I have all these ideas pinned on my “for the home” board and there are a ton of “do this in an apartment and don’t get in trouble” pins. Am I being ridiculous, yes. But at least I acknowledge that.

AND I feel like when I run into a problem I should know a solution off the top of my head because I saw it on Pinterest a year ago. For example, two weeks ago I had a fleeting nervous breakdown moment because I had to throw out an oversized t-shirt I don’t use anymore but in the back of my mind I was thinking, “You know, Pinterest has plenty of ideas for this…” I really went back and forth mentally for a few minutes on whether it was worth keeping the old shirt or not. Before Pinterest I would have said OFF WITH IT’S HEAD! and tossed that sucker in the trash. But no longer. I now have a huge box of t-shirts from college and high school sitting in the corner of my closet so one day (ha) I can make a t-shirt quilt. Guys, I haven’t opened the box since November 2011…

And don’t even get me started on the fitness shit on there. I had to unfollow a lot of people who post a lot of fitness crap on there. I have some body image issues, as most of us do, and I do not need fuel to feed that fire and relapse. So I unfollow  basically all my friend’s fitness boards as I come across them. There’s no need for me to feel fat and bad about myself for sitting on my ass, pinning delicious gluten free dessert recipes. I already feel bad enough that I don’t do any of the cute apartment stuff.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Or should I just wrap myself up in a white jacket and FedEx myself to the closest padded room?


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